Post-secondary Training & Support
Nurturing Career-Mindedness

In 2009 the US Department of Labor reported that 62% of all US jobs require a two or four year college degree. By the year 2020, this will increase to 75% (1).

On average in New York City, only 65% of high school seniors graduate (2). At Elevate, we work to ensure that more of our seniors are graduating and enrolling in college. We provide support to students taking their next steps by assisting with the admission applications process, running interview practice sessions, and exam preparation. At Elevate we know that graduation day is just the beginning.

Since February of 2011, we have developed a partnership with Instinet LLC, enabling students to interact with stock market traders and analysts on a weekly basis. Students continue the discussions they began in the classroom with their Instinet mentors, allowing them to see how the principles they learn in Elevate apply in the real work-world. In 2012, one of our Elevate graduates completed a summer internship at Instinet between her freshman and sophomore year at Syracuse University.

“My favorite part of Elevate is going to Instinet on Tuesdays because I get a chance to meet successful people in a successful environment” (Sean A., Elevate class 2013)

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